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Thermador microwave goes under the countertop

The Thermador MD24JS Built-in MicroDrawer Microwave installs directly into standard-depth cabinetry and slides open at the touch of a button.

The flush installation creates an attractive, smooth presentation.
The flush installation creates an attractive smooth presentation.

Kitchen countertops are busy landscapes. As with any endeavor, tools of the trade can sometimes clutter the work area. However, cutlery and cutting boards are much easier to store away and out of sight than appliances are. Usually.

The Thermador MD24JS Built-in MicroDrawer Microwave employs a creative use of space that allows it to always be at the ready while not being in the way. Installing directly into standard-depth cabinetry, the 24-inch built-in microwave slides open at a touch (no handle) and features a full-flush front for an attractive aesthetic that blends into the environment of the kitchen. With a MSRP of $1,649, the luxury appliance is designed for high-end home kitchens with a focus on sleek and sophisticated clean lines.

As a kitchen essential, the microwave is a central hub that is integral to meal-making and with a 1.2-cubic-feet capacity, the appliance is large enough to fulfill the demands common to everyday use. The full-featured microwave offers convenience as well as control with 10 cooking modes. In addition to popular one-touch settings like popcorn and defrost, the luxury appliance also includes sensor-based cooking programs that monitor humidity and adjust cooking time and power accordingly. And with all that open counter space up on top for food preparation, there will be plenty of room to explore all that it can do.