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The WalkCar is like a MacBook-sized hoverboard

Announced last year, the WalkCar will sell for $1,280 and ship late next year.


Need to get somewhere and don't want to use your legs like a sucker? Move over Hoverboard, Walkcar's got this.

The WalkCar is a laptop-sized transporter similar to the Segway, as you'll use body control to operate the powerful yet compact platform. Tilt left and it'll turn left, tilt right and it'll turn right, and so on. If you lose control, stepping off WalkCar stops it in its tracks.

The Walkcar has been in development since 2013, and now finally has a set release date and price. Cocoa, the company behind the device, is accepting preorders from tomorrow, selling WalkCar for $1,280 (converts to roughly AU$1,700, £1,000).

Reaching speeds of up to 16 kmph (9.9 mph), the WalkCar lasts for around an hour on a single charge, Cocoa claims. With its low height from the ground, it doesn't stand out too much when getting around the city, leaving you in somewhat close eye-level with everyone else against the relatively looming elevation of a Segway.

It's only 13 inches, so if you've got a bag that can fit a MacBook Pro, it can probably also fit the WalkCar. The weight won't bog you down either, coming in at only 2.8kg.

The Walkcar is expected to begin delivery by September of 2017 across 12 countries, including Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe with the intention of expanding to further regions upon request.