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The spoon and the pot

The Utensil Pot Clip is a novel way to keep spoons from dripping on counters as you cook, as well as keep them out of hot pots.

The Utensil Pot Clip
The Utensil Pot Clip
Sur la table

There's always been a relatively simple approach to the question of what to do with your spoon when you're not stirring a hot pot with it: you find something that will catch drips and set your spoon on it. It's not a perfect system--if you've got multiple spoons, it's easy to forget which spoon goes with which pot--but it hasn't been an area for particularly novel development, at least until now. The Utensil Pot Clip is an all-new approach to the question. This stainless steel and silicone tool clips to the side of pots, letting you rest your spoon directly over the pot it's been stirring. The utensil stays cool because of the heat-resistant silicone between the utensil and the pan.

The Utensil Pot Clip can save you the counter space that you used to devote to a drip-catcher. It measures 2 inches by 1.5 inches by 3 inches, and is available in a variety of colors. If a few drips wind up on the clip, rather than back in the pot, it can go through the dishwasher safely. Each Utensil Pot Clip is $7, making it simple to pick up enough for even your busiest cooking days.