The greatest CNET features you've never seen

You may not even have known CNET UK when we published some of most popular features. Collected together here are our essential collection of favourites from the entire history of CNET UK

Nate Lanxon Special to CNET News
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Over the last few years, we've tickled your funniest of bones, expanded your brains to hitherto unthinkable widths, and wasted enormous amounts of your free time. We thought we'd spend a happy afternoon splashing through our extensive archive of features and pick out the ones we think are important, and the ones you've told us you love the most.

Many of you may not have visited CNET UK two years ago when we published our ultimate list of the world's greatest off switches -- yes, off switches. Or last year, when we spent three months defining the 50 most significant moments of Internet history from the last four decades.

So here they are -- some of our favourite features from the entire history of CNET UK. These links will open in new windows so you can head back to this page easily (many features are multiple pages long).

By Ian Morris

Top ten off switches
Every electronic device has an off switch. Here are the best ones ever made.

Top ten laughably bad tech ads
Products need publicity, but much of it is utter cowpat. Here are the worst commercials for tech products ever.

Top ten obsolete ports
As technology progresses, old connections, ports and terminals become obsolete. Here are our favourites of the no-longer-seen.

By Nate Lanxon

The greatest defunct Web sites and dotcom disasters
Sites can grow to be enormous, then plummet into disaster. These are the best examples of the worst failures.

The 50 most significant moments of Internet history
Three months in the making, this was our look back at four decades of Internet history.

iPlayer uncovered: What powers the BBC's epic creation?
Everything you ever wanted to know about how the BBC iPlayer works, how it's run and maintained, and how people are using it.

Vapourware: The tech that never was
Many products get announced or promised, but for whatever reason never make it on to the shelves. These are our favourite examples.

The 30 dumbest videogame titles ever
This was going to be a list of 10, but there were so many it had to be expanded. Tongue of the Fat Man? Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender? All here.

By Rich Trenholm

50 most bizarre social networks
Forget Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. These are the 50 social networks aimed at the most niche of communities and interest groups.

Tech that's just wrong
Our favourite examples of tech that, by all rights, should never really have been thought of, let alone manufactured.

Internet: The Movie!
What if someone made a movie about the Internet (another one)? Or about the creation of Google? Here, we outline our plans for just that.

Top ten evil computers
The biggest silicon goons, gits and crooks, listed. We counted down the most evil of all fictitious computers.

The unGoogle-ables: They didn't see the Internet coming
Bands such as The The never stood a chance at being effectively indexed by a search engine. We call them unGoogle-ables, and here, we look at the best examples.

By Rory Reid

iPhone vs Netbook (in a rally car)
Is an iPhone better than a netbook? That was easy to answer. What was less easy was is an iPhone better than a netbook when you're being hooned around in a rally car? Rory's video explores this question.

20-inch Laptop on the London Underground
One of our most popular videos of all time, Rory lugs Dell's now-defunct behemoth of a laptop around the streets of London.

Beat Big Brother: Dodge CCTV, phone taps and spies
Tips and tricks for avoiding the questionably intrusive world of British security.

Mac OS X vs Windows Vista
Although Vista is now a thing of the past, the costumes alone that Rory chose to illustrate this piece are worth a second (or first) glance.

By people who don't work here anymore

Top ten girl geeks (by Chris Stevens)
We have to warn you: Paris Hilton's in this list. But the dude who wrote it is no longer a member of staff. Not saying the two facts are connected or anything...

iHalloween: Turn your iPod into a Ouija board (by Chris Stevens)
Still one of the most commented-on features, this had to get an honourable mention for its sheer stupidity.

The only iPhone in London (by Andrew Lim)
Finally, this video marks the iPhone's original landing on British soil. Ex-CNETer Andrew Lim built a man-sized iPhone costume and frightened many of the capital's more sensitive people.