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The freshest minced herbs

Herbs can make any meal, especially when they're fresh. The Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill makes adding those herbs just a little easier.

The Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill
The Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill
Fresh Mill

Your herbs may come from the garden or from the local supermarket, but, either way, they're an important addition to your meals. That means having a regular supply on hand. With the Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill, you can make sure that your herbs stay fresh. The mill holds any fresh herbs you'd like and can be stored directly in the freezer; you can eliminate the need to throw out any herbs that are no longer fresh as well as preserve flavor for a long time.

The Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill does more than just keep your herbs safe in the freezer, though. Just by twisting the mill, you can mince your stored herbs and sprinkle them directly into any dish you're cooking. You can avoid all the hassle of finely chopping leaves at the same time as you've solved your storage question. Each Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill is $19.99, which may make investing in one for every type of fresh herb you enjoy a little pricey, but it's a great solution for anything you use on a regular basis. The mills are available in a variety of colors.