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The Edge Desk is a portable all-in-one office

A folding computer desk and chair designed to be stored anywhere.

Sarah Tew/CNET

A Kickstarter success story, The Edge Desk is a single-piece desk and chair that folds up so you can set up a workspace just about anywhere. The whole thing folds down to approximately 7 inches high (17.8 cm) and weighs about 28 pounds (12.7 kg), so you can easily put it in a car trunk, slide it under a bed or behind a door.

Key to the design is that instead of a traditional seat, users kneel in the chair, much like a massage seat. It may look awkward, but I found it to be surprisingly comfortable, and proponents of this style of seating say it promotes a more upright posture and helps curb slouching while you work.

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The desk, which costs $399 (£300 or AU$535 converted), is set up by pressing a few thumb levers, pulling it open and securing it with quick-release locks, like those you'd see on a bicycle wheel. It's all manual -- no motors or anything, and the desk can be set up right out of the box with no tools required.

Everything from the desk height, tilt angle and orientation can be adjusted. The seat can also be adjusted to accommodate users up to 250 pounds (114 kg) and up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall (188 cm).

Besides the desk itself, additional clip-on accessories are available as sold-separately extras for between $25-$30, including a water bottle holder, phone holder and transport wheels to roll the whole thing around. 

Will this take the place of traditional office desks? Probably not, no matter how tight your open office seating plan gets. But, it's an interesting way to save space when you need to have a home office that can also pack flat under your bed.

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