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The Dixons is dead. Long live the!

So farewell, then, to Dixons on the High Street -- and a big, tacky, gadgety welcome to ''. Britain's slightly naff electronics retailer is taking the Dixons brand virtual, leaving us intrigued as to what we'll find in its real stores. MP3 fridges, anyone?

According to Reuters reports, electrical retailer Dixons is to 'disappear from the High Street'. The company will continue to flog electrical gadgets online at its Dixons online store.

So what happens to those gaudy red emporia of tacky gadget fun that used to be Dixons on the High Street? They're going to be rebranded as '', a fantastically awkward name that leaves us open-mouthed. Why the dot? Why empasise an Internet connection in a real-world shop? What are these people ON?

In these new swanky shops you'll find, according to Bloomberg, "more major and small appliances, extending the range from the traditional consumer electronics offered at Dixons stores".

As far as Crave can work out, this means that as well as scanning a selection of PCs, digital cameras, TVs and MP3 players, these already crowded stores will also have the odd washing machine and fridge that we normally find in Currys.

Do you have a favourite Dixons experience? Wandering in to find fantastically well-informed staff giving you excellent customer service? Overwhelmed by the excellent display of high quality goods on offer?

If you do, share the love with Crave and let us know how you feel about that disappearance of this great British institution. And don't panic: the brand will stay at major UK airports, so you can get your bright red gadget fix next time you're killing time at Heathrow. -MP