The cool factor of refrigerator drawers

These versatile drawers let you add refrigeration wherever you need, indoors or out

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets

Have you ever looked at your file cabinet and thought that space was just wasted? After all, it could be holding cold sodas and sushi, thanks to Marvel Industries' refrigerator drawers. Keep the fridge under wraps with overlay doors or go for the sleek stainless steel look or various color choices. An extra deep lower drawer lets you store 2-liter soda bottles and opened bottles of wine. It comes in several widths, so you can find something to fit any room in the house.

But why limit yourself? The Outdoor series lets you toss out cold beers to go alongside the hot steaks fresh off the grill. Weather-resistant doors protect your food from the sun, and front venting lets you mount the unit in an outdoor grill center.

Discreet touch controls let you set the ideal temperature for your food. Marvel's drawers use a Sentry System refrigeration monitor, which predicts the contents temperature based on demand and adjusts the temperature to keep your food just right. Should the unthinkable happen and cause a temperature change, you'll know right away via visual and audible alarms.

Kosher consumers (and anyone with a bad hangover) will appreciate the built-in, user-activated Sabbath mode, which disables all displays, alarms, and lights and sets the compressor to cycle on and off randomly.

Only one small problem: If I do replace my file cabinet with this drawer, I may never leave my chair again.