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The convenience of toast. And pizza. And rotisserie. And...

The Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection Convection Oven with Pizza Baker is a do-it-all second oven capable of cooking everything from toast to rotisserie.

Easily cooks most anything. Amazon

Despite what some advertisements would lead you to believe, frozen pizza will never equal fresh pizza (unless, of course it is New York pizza, but that's another topic altogether). However, for the ultimate in convenience, pulling a food item out of the fridge and popping it in the oven can't be beat. In truth, frozen pizza has come a long way, but the other items on the refrigerator shelves could use a bit more convenience. At the very least, a do-it-all appliance is needed to enjoy the convenience of easy-to-make food at the press of a button.

The Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection Convection Oven with Pizza Baker (model BTOBR0040) does more than make toast and heat up pizza. About the size of a toaster oven (albeit a large one, it measures 20.5 inches by 22.4 inches by 16.5 inches), the convection oven includes a variety of accessories and functions designed to facilitate the cooking of whatever happens to be in the fridge.

In addition to a dedicated pizza drawer, the oven features a rotisserie set along with a drip tray. Other specialized racks include a dehydrating tray, two baking racks, and a roasting/broiling rack. Oh, and of course, two crumb trays, because no matter what else you make with this appliance, toast might just be the most convenient meal possible.