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The amazing shrinking salad spinner

Collapsible Salad Spinner preps salad and then reduces in size for easy storage.

Easy and compact.
Sur La Table

Salad spinners are great. Before I discovered that they existed, I would do as many others and wash my lettuce and then pat it dry. Problem is, it never seemed to really ever get dry. The lettuce, not being perfectly flat, always managed to hide moisture in some nook or cranny. After tearing the lettuce into bite size pieces and adding the dressing, the result was all too often a salad that on occasion even tasted watery. All that changed when somebody gave me a salad spinner. Problem solved. No more watery lettuce. Then I couldn't find a proper place to store it.

This Collapsible Salad Spinner solves the problem that many salad spinners face. After all, they are inherently bulky. (Salad is no small affair, you know.) Using a pull cord operation along with an included brake, the salad spinner makes it easy to prepare fresh, crisp salads quickly and easily. When done, the salad spinner collapses to a third of its size for convenient storage. With a 5-quart capacity, the bowl can also be used to serve said salad.

Not only is the fact that this salad spinner reduces in size important for storage concerns, but usability, too. My first bulky salad spinner of long ago was in fact so bulky that I simply didn't bother digging it out every time I wanted a salad. Fresh salad and it's easy to store? Win-win.