The 5-ounce blue elephant in the room

Pylones ele-funnel elevates the lowly kitchen funnel from the Tupperware cupboard to a decorative kitchen accent.

The funnel is one of the unsung heroes of the kitchen. I use mine all the time for transferring liquids like soy sauce or cooking oil from large, bulk-size containers into smaller bottles that are more practical for regular use. It also comes in handy for dry goods, like for refilling the sugar bowl from a 5-pound bag or filling a pepper grinder from the giant container of peppercorns I have at home.

Pylones elephant funnel
The ele-funnel has a hook on top so it can be put on display. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

This elephantine funnel from Pylones dresses up the lowly kitchen tool. It's so cute I feel guilty hiding it away in the dregs of my Tupperware cupboard. For those who want to really show off the little Pinocchio-elephant mutant, there's a handy hook from which to hang it.

Show it off to friends. Sing its praises. The kitchen funnel is humble no more.

Pylones elephant funnel
The elephant funnel from Pylones comes in a handful of color schemes. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks