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Tesco flogging iPad with six months' interest-free credit

Ubermarket Tesco is selling the iPad on its website, sticking it to the networks by giving you a way to spread payment without having to sign up to a long contract.

Tesco is now selling the iPad, offering some good-looking interest-free credit deals to spread out the cost of the pricey tablet.

The ubermarket is offering all six models of the iPad -- 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions with either Wi-Fi or 3G and Wi-Fi. There are no stack 'em high and sell 'em cheap discounts here though -- the prices of the tablets are exactly the same as you'll find in the Apple Store.

But it offers a handy way of spreading out the cost of an iPad, if you're a Tesco credit-card holder or willing and able to become one. If you buy the 64GB Wi-Fi iPad for £600 with this Buy Now Pay Later deal, for example, you can pay it off over six months, without a penny in interest. You also earn Clubcard points. Just make sure you do pay it off over the six months, as the interest jumps to 16.9 per cent after that.

This might well work out better than a contract deal, with companies such as T-Mobile and Orange asking you to pay around £25 per month for two years, on top of the subsidised initial cost of a Wi-Fi and 3G iPad. You will have to pay extra for data if you get a 3G model, though.

The Tesco deal simply spreads the cost, meaning you're free and clear in half a year. This might be important, especially considering the iPad 2 will probably be coming along around that time. It also means you can purchase the cheaper WiFi-only version, if you don't feel 3G is necessary.