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Tao WellShell offers portable isometric workout, coaching

Pocket-size fitness device features an app with more than 50 exercises that utilize pressure to increase strength and improve muscle tone.

Tao WellShell.
Tao Wellness

Two of the biggest obstacles to exercising for many is finding a time and place to work out.

Tao Wellness unveiled a tiny fitness device on Sunday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas called the WellShell that aims to help people get some exercise where ever they happen to be, whether on an airplane, on the couch, or in the office. The pocket-size device uses isometric exercising -- the application of pressure -- to improve strength, muscle tone, and circulation, the company said Sunday.

"Most people are so busy that despite wanting to be more fit, they lead sedentary lives," Tao Wellness President Philo Northrup said in a statement. "Squeezing an hour in for jogging is not easy, especially on a daily basis. For these people, pedometers and trackers don't solve the problem."

The device's app, which comes in both iOS and Android flavors, comes with more than 50 exercises that can be done practically anywhere. Simply hold the computer mouse-like device in your hands, knees, thighs, etc., and push. The app then audibly coaches users on how hard to press, how many reps they should do, and when to rest.

Like many other fitness devices, the WellShell also tracks calorie intake, steps taken, heart rate, and sleep patterns. Tao Wellness did not reveal a price range for the device, which is expected to launch in the fall.