Take your lunch on the go

The Lunch & Go Lunchbox offers more protection than the brown bag.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Lunch & Go Lunchbox Aladdin

A lot of schools have already started their fall semesters, but some families are still searching for that perfect lunch box. The Lunch & Go Lunchbox is a pretty good option if you're still looking.

The Lunch & Go is simpler--at least aesthetically--than many other lunch-case options, but it's pretty much what I had in mind the year I started 5th grade. That year I told my mom, "I don't want a little kid's lunch box anymore."

It fits nicely inside a backpack, as well as messenger bags and other book bags.

This lunch box is made of strong plastic and snaps closed with two latches. It will protect potato chips from getting crushed as kids schlep lunches from home to bus to school, inevitably knocking their lunch box into the head of a smaller child. The Lunch a& Go is spacious enough inside to fit various containers, as well as the removable icepack that comes with the lunch box. There's even a compartment that will fit a can of soda or small juice perfectly. The manufacturer, Aladdin, sells several container sets designed to fit inside the Lunch & Go, but other containers will fit well, too.