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Take to the seas, it's BBQ time

The BBQ Donut allows up to 10 people to float along in the water while their steaks are cooked to perfection.

When summer rolls around, it's time to gas up the boat, blow up the inner tubes, and head for the lake. In the old days if you wanted to combine your nautical adventures with your culinary ones, you were forced to lug your hibachi onto your boat and hope that you didn't hit a rough wake sending burning coals everywhere. Weekend warriors around the world longed for someone to step up to the plate and combine their two loves: boats and cooking raw meat.

Behold, the BBQ Donut. Art_think Agency LTD

Someone has finally come through for all of us and invented the BBQ Donut, which allows you to spend a day on the lake enjoying a delicious meal while never getting out of your boat. Developed by the German company Art_think Agency, the BBQ Donut features a circular propane grill positioned in the middle of the boat along with a foldable sunshade to keep you from being cooked yourself after a hearty meal.

While you won't be able to water ski, the Donut does feature an onboard electric motor that will last at full speed for up to four hours. And when you're ready to sleep off your meal, the grill and the seats can be removed and replaced with the Chill Out platform that inflates into an air mattress. Then when it's time to head home, the Donut even comes with a trailer for easy transport back to your humble abode where it will wait patiently for the next time you're feeling the urge to grill on the open seas.

While it's currently only available in Europe, there's an anxious group of spring breakers chomping at the bit to get their hands on this. Suddenly, those German classes I failed in high school are coming back to haunt me.