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Take ice cream beyond the bowl

Homemade waffle cones and ice cream sandwich wafers make the sweet treat even more fun.

DIY ice cream treats.
DIY ice cream treats. Nostalgia Electrics

Ice cream is, and always has been fun. It's hard to see that changing any time soon. With a sweet taste and an abundance of available flavors, the cold treat offers something for everybody. However, a well-stocked freezer is only a start. Ice cream may be fun, so it only seems right that it deserves being served in something other than a boring bowl.

Moving beyond the basic bowl, the Nostalgia Electrics MSM-200 Waffle Cone & Ice Cream Sandwich Maker sprinkles in a new layer of fun to the ice cream experience. Combining freshly-made goodness with endless customization, the countertop appliance is well-suited for ice cream fans who just want a little more than stale ice cream sandwiches and broken pre-packaged cones.

Featuring interchangeable cooking plates as well as accessories to help form the resulting creations into ice cream sandwiches or scoop-ready cones, the easy to use appliance combines fun and variety into one unit. Short-attention spans (read: the kids) will enjoy the short 5- to 7-minute cooking time, while the nonstick-coated cooking plates make cleanup easy for mom or dad (or the kids). The fun appliance folds shut for easy storage, making it always at the ready whenever the bowls in the cupboard start to look a little too plain vanilla.