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Take better selfies with CamMe

Remove the outstretched arm from your selfies with this free iOS app.

The smartphone self portrait -- the selfie -- is a part of today's modern world, whether you are using it for a social-media profile picture, want to show your friends yourself in an interesting location or having a particularly good time, or are simply experiencing a vain moment without a friend nearby to snap a shot of you.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Most selfies require you to hold out your phone as far as you can reach to snap the shot. If you'd like to lose the outstretched arm and snap your selfies with an iPhone, I encourage you to try out the free, universal CamMe app.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

CamMe allows you to set down your iPhone to take a selfie or a group shot where one friend isn't left out, standing behind the lens. The app lets you snap a shot via hand gestures. Find a secure spot to place your iPhone and position yourself in front of it -- anywhere between two and 10 feet. CamMe lets you use either the front- or rear-facing camera, but it's easier to line up using the front-facing unit. With your shot framed as you'd like, hold up an open hand and move it in front of the hand icon on the screen. Next, make a fist and CamMe counts down -- three, two, one -- and takes your picture.