Take a sneak peek at Black Friday deals

Want to know which stores will have the killer deals on the day after Thanksgiving? This site gets the ads in advance.

The rotten economy notwithstanding, Black Friday will undoubtedly produce the usual levels of retail insanity.

If you're intrepid enough to brave long lines and deal-crazed crowds on the day after Thanksgiving, well, I salute you. And I offer you, a site that rounds up Black Friday ads well in advance so you can plan your shopping (i.e. figure out where you want to show up at 4 a.m.).

As of Friday, the site has ads for about two dozen stores, including Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Staples.

Truth be told, I'm not seeing any deals that are vastly superior to the kind of stuff I post daily. That's not me being self-congratulatory. It's me being surprised that stores aren't stepping up with lower prices. I mean, where's the $150 Blu-ray player? Or the $500 42-inch HDTV?

Maybe we'll see better deals emerge as the big day draws closer. For now, I'm unimpressed. But if you find anything truly Cheapskate-worthy, by all means hit the comments section and let everyone know.