Take a look inside Google's proposed £650m London office

Google has revealed plans for a proposed £650m 11-storey London HQ, the first purpose-built Google office in the world.

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Richard Trenholm
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Wipe your feet, because you're about to step inside Google's new £650m London office. The Big G has revealed plans for the proposed King's Cross HQ, the first purpose-built Google office in the world.

Google is putting the money it's saved from taxes towards the multimillion pound, multi-storey office, which will house 4,500 staff -- more than doubling the number of people working for the Big G in this country. I wonder if Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson, stars of Google-set comedy The Internship, will be among them. 

Designed by London architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, the steel-framed, timber-panelled Googleplex will stand 11 storeys high, stretching more than 1,100ft across a 2.4 acre swathe of the Big Smoke north of King's Cross Station.

Which reminds me: how many crustaceans are there in London? Five: King's Cross station, Charing Cross station, New Cross station, Hatton Cross station and St Pancras station…

Moving swiftly on: the search giant has secured planning permission for the new site, and must now get the green light from the London Borough of Camden to go ahead with the proposed building. Google's London staff are currently based in Victoria, where the office is themed around Brighton Rock, and in Holborn -- press play on our video below to see inside Google HQ, complete with bean bags, sci-fi themed break area, and music jamming studio.

Sure, Google's proposed office is big -- but it's no spaceship. If we're talking about big new offices, Apple's planned spaceship-shaped 2.8m square foot campus deserves a mention.

Of course, both pale into insignificance compared to CNET Towers, where we have not only a ping-pong table, but two -- count 'em -- two vending machines.

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