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Swivl pan-and-tilt platform makes room for iPads, dSLRs

This multipurpose motion and tracking device helps make being in your own videos even easier.

Joshua Goldman Managing Editor / Advice
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Joshua Goldman
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The original Swivl was basically a motorized platform for your iPhone that tracked your movement. Turn on the camera and you could easily record video of yourself or make FaceTime calls without worrying about drifting out of the picture.

Since its launch earlier this year, the device's creator, Satarii, has been getting a steady stream of requests for a model that supports an iPad, digital SLRs, or Android devices.

The new Swivl is basically the same thing as the original, but with expanded capabilities thanks to a redesigned base and built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It can now support all sorts of iOS and Android devices as well as dSLRs weighing up to about 10 pounds.

Using its wireless features, you can connect devices to the base and use apps to handle controls. There are currently iOS apps developed for video capture and video chat (which allows someone to remotely control its movement), and the dSLR app lets you preview and frame shots, adjust settings, and release the shutter. Equivalent Android apps will be available shortly after launch.

This Swivl comes in two versions, the $149 white and $229 silver. Both are compatible with iOS, Android, and dSLR cameras, have built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and can tilt up to 20 degrees and continuously pan 360 degrees, among other things.

However, if you want the Swivl to follow you, the silver model is the one that includes the tracking remote. The remote also has a built-in mic so you're not stuck using the one on your device and the base has speakers, making it a much better choice for teleconferencing.