Swann FlashlightDVR: If torches and camcorders mated

Some torches are bright, some are big -- but how many can claim to be able to record video even in pitch black darkness? The Swann FlashlightDVR can

Andrew Lim

The idea of gadgets being able to literally mate with each other and produce converged offspring is one which terrifies us as much as it excites us. Man-induced gadget mating can yield interesting results too. Take the Swann FlashlightDVR -- it's a torch with a built-in camcorder that can take stills and video footage.

The FlashlightDVR can impressively shoot at night using infrared sensors and comes with 128MB of on-board memory, with the option to expand via a miniSD slot. Aimed at security guards, we think that it has plenty of consumer uses too, such as being able to shoot your own low-fi Blair Witch-esque movie or just your camping holidays.

The image quality from the camera isn't fantastic, but it's passable if you're just trying to catch the face of a yoot who's broken into your shop, for example. As for the torch itself, it's not bad, but not the brightest we've ever seen. That's because it uses a single LED, which isn't as bright as some bulbs but lasts for longer. The FlashlightDVR is also quite hefty and would easily double up as a handy weapon should you need to defend yourself in a dangerous situation.

If you're wondering what this multi-functional torch will set you back, be prepared to gasp a little: it's £200 from the official Swann shop. Sometimes it's worth shelling out for a genuine freak of nature. -Andrew Lim