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Superfast broadband now in three quarters of homes

73 per cent of you can now take advantage of superfast broadband -- and the number of you doing just that has doubled.

Almost three quarters of you can now take advantage of superfast broadband, according to the latest figures -- and the number of you doing just that has doubled despite the extra cost of superfast deals.

Telecoms watchdog Ofcom's latest figures reveal that in June, 73 per cent of UK premises had access to superfast broadband, up from 65 per cent last year.

Superfast broadband packages such as BT Infinity offer increased speeds for lightning-fast Web browsing, downloading, and streaming of music, movies and online games.

Of the people with broadband connections in this country, only 22 per cent pay the extra cost for superfast packages. But that's still 4.8m people -- more than double last year's number -- suggesting the technology is growing fast.

A whopping 650m gigabytes of data were sent or received by UK internet users over fixed lines in the month of June. And we're gobbling up data like it's going out of style when we're out and about too. In the past year the number of public Wi-Fi hotspots has doubled, which is lucky because the amount of data we consumed via hotspots has nearly tripled.

Ofcom is looking into data use and coverage on trains, and has also analysed coverage of roads for the first time. Just 9 per cent of UK roads has no 3G coverage at all, which isn't bad -- and should be addressed by the spread of 4G, fingers crossed.

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