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Supercomputing at your fingertips

Group says popularity of clusters threatens U.S. security. Also: IBM unveils a new supercomputing server. Photos: IBM's Blue Gene/L Photos: Barcelona's big blade

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Supercomputers that only a few years ago seemed to be the stuff of fantasy are steadily joining the mainstream.

Study: Supercomputer clusters shortchange security

Group says popularity of clusters threatens U.S. security by sidelining other approaches more suited to decryption and the like.
November 12, 2004

Energy Dept. funds open-source InfiniBand work

Three-year project will back programmers' effort to build Linux software support for the high-speed networking technology.
November 10, 2004

IBM unveils new supercomputing server

Power5-based system is part of Big Blue's push to oust Hewlett-Packard from the top spot in high-performance set-ups.
Photo: IBM's unusual design
November 9, 2004

Panel urges Washington to finance fast computer

Scientists warn of a looming imbalance between hardware and software technology in high-performance computing.
The New York Times
November 9, 2004

Blue Gene, Linux top supercomputing list

Open-source software and off-the-shelf hardware make strong showing among the best of the biggest.
November 8, 2004

Microsoft demonstrates supercomputing Windows

A forthcoming version of Windows Server is designed for building supercomputers from clusters of PCs.
November 8, 2004

New clusters emerge at supercomputing show

update At SC2004 show, Dell and HP are unveiling servers that can be networked into a single high-performance technical computer.
Photo: Appro's XtremeBlade
November 8, 2004

Blue Gene/L goes on sale

World's fastest supercomputer can now be yours for only $1.5 million. Machine combines exotic and mainstream technology.
Photos: IBM's Blue Gene/L
November 7, 2004

IBM supercomputer top-ranked blade machine

IBM announces performance results for a new Spanish supercomputer that won't top the company's Blue Gene/L machine but that does use more mainstream technology.
Photos: Barcelona's big blade
November 5, 2004

IBM set to take supercomputing crown

IBM's Blue Gene/L becomes the top contender to the supercomputing throne. A new incarnation of the machine can perform 70.7 trillion calculations per second.
November 5, 2004

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For SGI supercomputer, a record-setting day

With two weeks to go until new rankings come out, SGI, IBM and others are jostling for bragging rights.
Photos: SGI's Columbia supercomputer
October 26, 2004