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Sun taps EnterpriseDB for PostgreSQL support

EnterpriseDB, which has built an Oracle-compatible edition of PostgreSQL, will offer Solaris customers support through Sun.

Sun Microsystems has signed a deal with EnterpriseDB to provide support to Sun customers running the PostgreSQL database, EnterpriseDB said on Monday.

Late last year, Sun said that it intended to provide support services around PostgreSQL database to customers running the open-source database on Sun's Solaris servers. EnterpriseDB, which launched about a year ago, has built an Oracle-compatible edition of PostgreSQL and contributes to the open-source project. The partnership calls for EnterpriseDB to field more difficult support questions, rather than more routine queries, through Sun, said EnterpriseDB CEO Andy Astor. EnterpriseDB could potentially offer support services directly to Sun customers, he added.