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Stormtrooper-helmet waffle maker takes aim at your breakfast

Satisfy your hunger for both syrup and galactic domination with waffles in the shape of Stormtrooper helmets.

Stormtrooper waffle maker
Now you're cooking with Star Wars.
Pangea Brands

Stormtroopers may not be able to hit the broadside of a space barn with their blaster rifles, but a Stormtrooper waffle is pretty much guaranteed to hit the spot when it comes to brunch. Subdue your hunger with the breakfast treats generated by a Star Wars Stormtrooper Waffle Maker, which makes waffles in the shape of a front view of the iconic Stormtrooper helmet.

This isn't the first time breakfast has embraced the Sith-y side of Star Wars. Last year, we got a Death Star waffle maker that cooks up a flat version of Darth Vader's ride. It turns out the Death Star is the perfect vehicle for syrup as well as planetary destruction. It makes the Stormtrooper waffles look fairly tame in comparison.

The Stormtrooper waffle maker from from Pangea Brands can handle more than just waffle batter. You can use it to press sandwiches into service for the Dark Side, sear a Stormtrooper face into a quesadilla or cook up some eggs to feed your Imperial Royal Guard.

The gadget is available to preorder for $39.99 (about £30, AU$52), with a July 18 ship date. Corded electrical appliances meant for the US market don't always translate well to the UK and Australia, but you could get one and just put in on your mantel for display. If waffles aren't your thing, check out this Stormtrooper toaster that burns the Imperial crest logo onto every piece of bread.