Stir up some fun with this motorized cocktail maker

The Metrokane Rabbit Electric Cocktail Shaker/Mixer makes mixed drinks at the push of a button. Would you like your drink shaken or stirred?

Experiment with the Metrokane Rabbit Electric Cocktail Shaker/Mixer to discover for yourself if drinks should be shaken or stirred.

A man walks into a bar. He goes up to the counter and says his last name, followed by his first name and then his last name yet again. The barkeep immediately knows who the man is and what he wants. And more importantly, the bartender knows how the man wants it. Bond...James Bond is his name and he wants his martini shaken, not stirred. Can you be like this man? Probably not; after all he is a fictional character. But you can have your drink made his way -- or yours.

The Metrokane Rabbit Electric Cocktail Shaker or Mixer (about $25) is a bar gadget that doesn't play favorites. Featuring a 6,500rpm motor, the 18-ounce-capacity tool mixes drinks at the press of a button. The fun device requires AAA batteries (good for more than 100 uses) for the automatic mixing element, and offers an entertaining way to stir up good times without shaking down any bad guys.

It's not surprising that "shaken, not stirred" has become such a recognizable catchphrase that it has stirred up some controversy -- or at least spirited debates. Some say shaking chips the ice and hence waters down the final drink, while others say that shaking it makes for a more flavorful libation. Clearly, more research is needed, and now you can do your duty, armed with the necessary gadget just as if had come straight from Q's lab.