Steve Jobs' signature on a floppy disk sells for $84,000

Its original value was estimated to be $7,500.

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Jobs was not a prolific autograph signer.

RR Auctions

How much is Steve Jobs ' signature worth? Tens of thousands of dollars, at least. Auction house RR Auction has sold a floppy disk signed by the late Apple co-founder for a whopping $84,115. You could buy 84 iPhone 11 units for that.

The floppy disk in question contains Macintosh System Tools 6.0 software. That dates it to around 1988. The disk is especially valuable, RR Auction claims, because Jobs was not a prolific autograph signer.

"A hugely desirable format for Jobs' seldom-seen autograph -- known as a reluctant signer, he often declined to comply with the requests of collectors," reads part of the item description.

RR originally estimated the disk's value to be $7,500, less than 10% of what its actual value to Apple enthusiasts ended up being. It's the second time Jobs' signature has picked up a huge sum in recent months: In September a Jobs-signed poster for the original Toy Story sold for over $30,000. Last year, a job application written by Jobs in 1973 sold for $174,000.

Originally published Nov. 26.
Update, Dec. 8: Adds disk's final selling price.

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