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Steve Jobs narrates drone fly-over of vast new Apple campus

The world's most valuable company is slowly landing its new "spaceship" headquarters in Cupertino, California. A new drone video shows just how big the project is.

A year ago we got an early peek over the fence at Apple's huge new spaceship-inspired circular campus building under construction courtesy of an intrepid drone pilot. Twelve months later, another unmanned aerial spy reveals just how much progress has been made.

This latest video from YouTuber Duncan Sinfield gives us a tour of "Campus 2" in Cupertino alongside audio of the late Steve Jobs himself, using the Apple co-founder's words from his presentation to the city council on the proposed development back in 2011.

More than four years later, as the footage shot by Sinfield's DJI Inspire 1 shows, the "spaceship" Jobs described has nearly landed. The foundation for the entire building, which will eventually house up to 12,000 employees, looks to have been fully laid, including a two-story underground garage. A semicircular section of the planned oval building has also emerged from the ground.

We even get an interesting peek at the new corporate auditorium under construction, where we may see future product releases.

There was one thing in this video that I definitely did not expect to see -- a full-blown on-site cement plant provides some insight into just how large the project is.

Apple " Campus 2" is expected to be complete sometime in 2016 -- perhaps it will be debuted at the same time as the Apple Watch 2.

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