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Step can steps up with trash compactor

The TK10 Trash Krusher features a simple design. The lid of the step can doubles as a compacting device.

The TK10 Trash Krusher may not be the most exciting kitchen helper, but it gets the job done.
The TK10 Trash Krusher may not be the most exciting kitchen helper, but it gets the job done. Trash Krusher

Kitchen gadgets are usually handy helpers geared toward the preparation of food. But as we all know, there is a darker, murkier side of the kitchen: the trash. An endless procession of trash bags march through our everyday lives: from the box to the can to the bin outside, eventually disappearing off into the sunset (and the landfill). With all this activity, it seems a ripe place to dig a little deeper to find some gadgetry.

The TK10 Trash Krusher ($159.95) is a step can that takes things a step further by employing a simple compacting lid. Make no mistake about it: this compacting lid is activated and operated by you; this is not a powered trash compactor. But now that we know what it isn't, what about what it is?

The compacting lid is integrated in the design and is held in place with clips and magnets. When it's time to push down the accumulated garbage, the compacting device detaches from the lid and users manually push it down. In essence, the lid serves as a more convenient alternative to your foot (cleaner for shoes, too). Additional features include a soft-close lid, a bag locking mechanism and a lid lock to keep the can open for extended usage.

The main feature of this kitchen essential is of course the compacting device, or in real life terms: the trash pusher-downer. Certainly there is some elegance in the overall simplicity of this design, but is it $160 worth of compacting convenience? Hard to say. One thing though is known: there will always be trash to fill up the can.