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Steam your way to healthy meals

Steamed foods are healthier than their fried counterparts. Now, with Breville's HealthSmart Steamer, steaming is also easier than other cooking methods.

I'll admit it: I often toss food in a pan with a little oil and fry it up just because it's easy and fast. I know it's not the healthiest option, but I don't like getting into the whole production that is steaming. With Breville's HealthSmart Steamer, however, steaming dinner has become less of a hassle. This small appliance can handle pretty much all the food I plan to serve at a meal in one go. The HealthSmart Steamer has three large trays, allowing you to steam three dishes at once--you can prepare rice, steamed vegetables and more without waiting for the first item to finish. The cooking trays collapse for easy storage when you aren't using them and they're simple to clean: just pop them in the dishwasher. You can even divide the tray space with removable dividers to control portion size. The controls on the HealthSmart Steamer are fairly simple: it's programmable, with a timer, warming function and auto shutoff. There are also preprogrammed settings, like the Vitamin Advantage program which automatically steams dishes for 20 minutes--a short enough period of time that no vitamins are lost. You can also easily cook foods that you might not think of as steamable. For instance, you can hard boil eggs using the integrated egg holders in each tray.

The HealthSmart Steamer Breville