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'Star Wars' snowspeeder drone protects the Rebels in France

A French maker is back with another one of his awesome "Star Wars" drones. His latest is fashioned after a Rebel snowspeeder on a mission to protect the Rebel base in southern France.

If the Galactic Empire sets its sights on destroying the Rebel uprising in Southern France, they'll find that the Rebels are well protected. Olivier C, the French maker who built Millennium Falcon, TIE/IN Interceptor and Imperial Star Destroyer quadcopters, is back with his latest "Star Wars" drone, a snowspeeder that looks well equipped to defend the Rebels from an Imperial attack.

Olivier C released two videos to his YouTube channel showing the snowspeeder in flight. As you can see from the clips, the snowspeeder drone looks almost exactly like the real snowspeeder that defended the Rebel base on Hoth. It even has a cute little Rebel Alliance Starbird insignia on each side of the drone casing, showing the world which side the ship is fighting for in the Galactic Civil War.

Check out the videos above and below to see the snowspeeder drone in action, and if you're interested in building one of these bad boys for yourself, Olivier posts the schematics for the "Star Wars" drone casings on his RCGroups page.