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Star Trek keyboard takes us to nerd heaven at maximum warp

Lay in a course for nerd heaven, gadget fans, because we're taking you there at maximum warp with a limited edition computer keyboard that transports your computer to the final frontier.

Lay in a course for nerd heaven, gadget fans, because we're taking you there at maximum warp. A limited-edition computer keyboard transports your computer to the final frontier, depicting the USS Enterprise bearing Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the crew of Star Trek: The Original Series through a nebula.

The USB TOS keyboard has been printed with a secret-formula metallic ink, no less. Only 500 of the customised keyboards are available, all individually numbered and sealed with a certificate of authenticity. The only thing that's missing is the distinctive computer beeps and squeals, but you can add those yourself. In the immortal words of Mr Scott: "A keyboard? How quaint...

Manufacturer Keyscaper also makes a range of wireless mouses featuring the crew, or you can opt for fingering Captain James T Kirk's sexeh face as you click, scroll and scan for life signs.

If you're not much of a Trekkie, Keyscaper also offers Marvel Comics characters including Iron Man, Spiderman, Wolverine, Thor and Captain America, and gung-ho gizmos themed around the US Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

The Star Trek mouse costs $40 (£25), and the limited-edition keyboard costs $90 (£57).

Other Star Trek gadgets include the Nokia communicator, full-sized Captain's chair, and a range of gizmos from Tricorder MP3 players to Red Shirt cologne.

In other Trek news, today is the 58th birthday of Michael Dorn off The Next Generation. QoSlIj DatIvjaj, Lieutenant Worf!