Star Trek Captain's Chair: To boldly watch TV

Ever wanted to command your own Starfleet vessel? Well now you can. Or at least, you can sit in a replica of Captain Kirk's chair. Phasers on 'wow'

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Richard Trenholm
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We first saw the Star Trek Captain's Chair in the duty-free catalogue thingy on our way to CES 2009, at which point our excitement was such that the cabin crew had to restrain us. In-flight retailer SkyMall is offering an officially licensed replica of the chair from which Captain Kirk commanded the USS Enterprise in the original Star Trek series.

Once it's in your living room and set up in front of your high-definition TV, it swivels, so you can turn to Mr Spock and ask him to switch over to Dave. There are light-up controls and sound effects from the show, but you'll have to provide your own impractically short uniform for your other half. What we'd really like is a built-in remote control, and the local pizza place on speed dial.

If your significant other balks at the $2,720 (£1,830) price tag, you can point out that at least it's cheaper than the Next Generation home theatre, and stops short of Tony Alleyne's Voyager-themed Leicestershire flat.

To complete the look, you can also beam up an Enterprising light fitting, controlled by a Star Trek Voice Operated Dimmer. Then fill your shelves with the toys from the forthcoming Star Trek film reboot.

If that seems like too much of an outlay, at the recent London Toy Fair, we saw an inflatable version of the famous chair that'll hit toy stores this year and probably won't be anywhere near as pricey.

Right, we think this is the point for the obligatory 'beam us up' gag. Enterprise? Two to veg out. Energise.