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Staples to carry 3D Systems' new Cube 3D printer

3D printing makes its big-box debut.


3D printers have typically been sold directly from their makers or through online hobby shops. Today they get wider consumer exposure with Staples' announcement that it will begin selling the new 3D Systems Cube 3D printer.

Also available through SkyMall. Rich Brown/CNET

3D Systems, the world's largest and oldest 3D printer manufacturer, launched an earlier version of the Cube last year. This new model, announced at this year's CES, prints objects made from one of two different kinds of plastic feedstock, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) or PLA (polylactic acid). 3D Systems has previously sold the Cube through its own Web site, as well as through Amazon and SkyMall, but this announcement marks its debut, and the debut of any 3D printer, in a brick-and-mortar retailer with a national presence.

Competing 3D printer vendors have so far been limited to a few local or pop-up retail locations. MakerBot sells printers from its Manhattan retail location; Ultimaker and others sold printers this winter from the 3DEA 3D printing pop-up store, also in Manhattan.

Staples says the Cube will appear in stores in June, but the printer and its accessories are available for purchase from Staples.com today. Prices online all follow those on 3D Systems' own site, with the Cube itself going for its standard $1,299 price. Staples will also sell Cube accessories, including cartridges with the plastic printing material for $49.99, as well as a replacement glass printing surface for $99, and bottles of the glue required to hold objects in place during printing for $9.99.