Stand-alone kitchen goes retro

All in one standing kitchen by Electrochef invokes vintage style

Jennifer Lowell
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Jennifer Lowell

The appliances that graced our grandparents' kitchens had a special sort of design aesthetic, and today those designs get celebrated in every imaginable appliance and gadget. Sometimes the nod to retro style is as subtle as the color choice on a standing mixer or the button design on a built-in oven. Every once in a while, an appliance design is revived in full, as in the case of this Electrochef all-in-one vintage kitchen.

Made from white porcelain and metal, this heavyweight free-standing kitchen looks just like those you find in antique stores. It includes an adjustable height oven, four spiral burners and a storage space on the bottom. Don't let the compact size fool you though; this bad boy weighs in at a massive 500 pounds, much too chunky to be considered a "portable" kitchen.

Whether you love vintage style or wish it would stay buried in the past, this Electrochef appliance set does a great job of celebrating the kitchen of the 1920s.