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Stack and grind spices

The Mastrad Spice Grinder combines spice storage with grinding.

Spice it up.
Spice it up.

Creativity in the kitchen can be found in many forms, and that includes building blocks.

No, not the foundation you might build by sauteing onion, celery, and carrots, but rather from a different type of aromatic: spices. Properly prepared food goes a long way in making meals delicious, but when it comes to truly adding flavor, spices take whatever is on the menu up to the next level.

Offering six stackable and interchangeable compartments, the Mastrad Spice Grinder features a vertical orientation and is a clever way to explore the most basic of spices. Each container can store its own individual spice, including sea salt, peppercorns, or other whole spices. The containers all attach onto a separate adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism, and when not in use, all of the components stack together for storage, creating a striking effect that is practical as well as efficient.

Like a certain famous building block set that is used to fire the imagination of the young, the colorful (when filled) spice stack can certainly lead to inspiration. With each container capable of holding its own individual spice (or spice blend), the six-level spice grinder offers an easy way to keep things organized while exploring possibilities in the kitchen. And with a solid foundation to build upon, who knows how high you could go?