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Space Bubble 10: Radio-controlled plane terrorises London

It's the season finale of Space Bubble! Watch Rory crash a radio-controlled plane on the streets of London, and marvel as Captain Goat saves the planet...

Greetings Mekons! Feast your optics on the latest episode of Space Bubble. This week we attempt to fly a P51-D Mustang radio-controlled plane through the streets of London -- an act you can recreate yourself by visiting and splashing out £129 Earth pounds.

Also in the show, digital music expert Nate Lanxon tries his hand at saving the planet -- as his muscle-bound alter-ego, Captain Goat.

Be warned though, this is the final episode in the first series of Space Bubble -- you might shed a small tear. The Bubble Boy is off to explore strange new worlds. Thanks for watching, and keep it CNET. Click the video to watch. -Chris Stevens