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Sous Vide for yourself with the Caso Sous Vide Center

The Caso Sous Vide Center offers an all-in-one solution for those wanting to dive into a new method of cooking.

The Caso Sous Vide Center contains a convenient vacuum sealer.
The Caso Sous Vide Center contains a convenient vacuum sealer.

The kitchen can be a mysterious place filled with wondrous things. And that's before any food enters the room. Imagine a time traveler, stumped by the box that is the microwave. Depending on the era, they could probably riddle out the use of the hearth and the icebox, or rather the oven and the refrigerator, but other things might not be so obvious to our friend out of time.

Once upon a time, microwaves were unfamiliar appliances. Nowadays, there are plenty of new devices to stump eaters from any era. The Caso Sous Vide Center ($499.95) is here to clear the air about new possibilities in the kitchen.

Happening upon a box full of hot water in the kitchen is something that might be unexpected to most. Yet, this method of cooking can provide some unexpected results -- as in, delicious results. What at first glance appears to be only a vessel filled with hot water, turns out to be one of the neatest ways to cook a meal in the modern era. Integrated into this model is a vacuum sealer. Food is placed in a bag, sealed up and then placed in the hot water bath. And that's it; the machine does the rest.

This model circulates water to provide a consistent cooking temperature. After a period of time, the food is removed, fully cooked and ready to be eaten. Often a quick sear is applied, with steak being the most famous sous vide example for good reason (the meat is cooked evenly at an exact doneness from edge to edge). Exploring what else a sous vide cooker can do doesn't require any specialized knowledge or any other equipment -- nor is any time traveling necessary.