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Sony Webbie PM1, CM1: Fun with li'l Webbie

Sony is getting cute with the Las Vegas launch of the Webbie PM1 and CM1, a pair of pocket camcorders for a budget price at CES 2009

Sony wants itself a piece of the pocket camcorder market, meeting Flip Video head-on with the launch of the Webbie range at CES 2009. Yes, Webbie. Because it's for sharing video on the Web. And it's small and cute. Webbie. It sounds like it should be having adventures with its freckled moppet of an owner: "What's that, Webbie? Bobby's fallen down the well and he can't get out? Oh no!"

Sony has hedged its bets with two models: the MHS-PM1 Webbie apes the candybar shape of other budget models, such as the Flip Video Ultra and Creative Vado, while the MHS-PM1 Webbie has the more traditional camcorder form factor, with a barrel lens and flip-out screen. Both shoot MPEG-4 high-definition video.

The CM1 is available right now, in US Sony Style stores and online for $200 (£130). The candybar PM1 has an interesting swivelling webcam-style head, but you'll have to wait to find out if it's any cop, as it won't hit shops until April. It will set our stateside cousins back $170 (£110).

Click though the links to meet the CM1 and PM1, but remember this may be the closest you get to li'l Webbie. Sadly for Sony fans this side of the pond, it doesn't look likely that the Webbie will cross the water any time soon. Never mind, Webbie.

Here's the Webbie CM1 with it's little light on. Bless.

The CM1 has the traditional fold-out screen.

"What's that Webbie? Bobby is stuck in the abandoned mine? For heaven's sake, that's the third time this week..."

The candybar-style PM1 is similar to the Flip ilk, but with a spinning head.

And here's the screen and controls. Bye Webbie!