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Sony Vaio TX2: how do we love thee?

Here at Crave, we've always believed computers are better than people. Sony's proved it before, and is about to do so once again with the Vaio TX2

In these modern times, there's almost no problem that technology can't solve. Your PC can help you to buy music, watch movies, book a holiday, help with your studies... and the best part is it never complains, or suffers from inexplicable bouts of rage when its team loses at football.

So this Valentine's day, we're not going to bother professing our undying love to ugly bags of mostly water (aka humans) -- we're going to dedicate a sonnet to something far better -- the forthcoming Sony Vaio TX2 laptop:

Oh Sony Vaio TX2 -- how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. 
We love thee for your depth, and breadth, and height.
The speed your 1.2GHZ CPU can reach -- it's out of sight.
Your 11-inch screen, so ideal, so reliant,
Both LED and WXGA compliant,
It meets our needs, it burns so bright,
Both by sun and candlelight
Your wireless tech we'll put to use
While ordering tea in Starbucks' queues.
We love your 1GB of RAM with all our breath
We love thee even when your 7-hour battery reaches death.
We're positive we'll be the perfect match for you --
But just in case, we'll wait for next week's full review. -RR