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Sony Mobile HD Snap Camera: Webbie takes on Flip in the UK

The Sony PM1 Mobile HD Snap -- previously known as the Webbie -- is heading for British shores to challenge Flip's dominance of the mini-camcorder market

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Richard Trenholm

Sony has confirmed the Mobile HD Snap Camera high-definition mini-camcorder -- known in the States as the Webbie -- is heading for Blighty to do battle with the Flip Video family.

The PM1 packs a swivelling lens head that rotates through 270 degrees, for both filming of other people and self-portrait shooting.

Inside there's a 5-megapixel sensor for stills shooting, with five scene-selection modes and and 4x digital zoom. Video is 1080p HD. At the back there's a 46mm (1.8-inch) screen.

We first encountered the PM1 at CES in January, and now we're at another trade show -- Berlin's IFA -- where Sony has confirmed the PM1 will be coming to the UK with a new name. Shame: we rather liked it being called the Webbie.

Although Sony can't confirm pricing, it's likely to hit shelves for around £180.