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Sony G1 Cybershot

Small camera with big features.

Sony Cybershot G-1 is not just another digital camera. This is another example of the miniaturization process in the electronics industry. The compact G-1 will easily slide into your pocket and has that take anywhere ability that most adventures like. With an internal 2 GB memory you can take your photo album with you and the 3.5 inch screen lets you see your images clearly. This little camera maybe small but is big on features.

The burst mode enables you to capture sports motion and the wireless capability enables easy transfer of your pictures to other Sony compatible devices. The wireless thing is a little lame and they should at least include bluetooth capability. The 3.5 inch screen is nice and has great resolution even in bright sunshine. The form factor and features make it a great companion for that next off road trip or sporting event, the only thing that may slow you down is the price, at just under $600.00 it is not cheap. For more information visit or check out cnet for a full review.