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Sony FE-mount power zoom cine lens merges old and new

The first full-frame power zoom lens promises the control of a cine lens with the convenience of videography features.


Just when you were beginning to despair that there were no native FE-mount lenses optimized to take advantage of the video capabilities of the Sony Alpha A7S, the company comes out with this: the FE PZ 28-135mm f4 G OSS. First seen as a concept under glass at the NAB show this spring, it's now a $2,500/AU$2,999 reality slated to be available this winter. That converts to about £1,540.

The lens takes the power of a cine lens -- three separate rings controlling focus, zoom, and iris -- with modern video niceties like power zoom and optical image stabilization. It's designed to be quiet and to minimize the changing angle of view that becomes most obvious during rack focusing (breathing) along with other types of shifts in composition caused by focusing and zooming.

It weighs a bit over 2.5 pounds / 1.14kg, which isn't terribly light for an E-mount lens, but much smaller and lighter than the equivalent for a full-size, full-frame mount.