Sony debuts Airpeak drone for taking aerial photos and videos

The drone, announced at CES 2021, can carry Sony's Alpha line of cameras.

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Sony debuted its Airpeak drone at CES 2021.

Sony debuted its Airpeak drone at CES 2021.

Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

For those who want to give their cameras a bird's-eye view, Sony announced a new drone called Airpeak at the CES show this week. The four-rotor remotely piloted aircraft can carry a Sony A7S III camera, a full-frame, interchangeable-lens model that can shoot 4K video.

The Airpeak is capable of "precise, stable flight, and aims to contribute to the world of entertainment while also pursuing new possibilities for creative expression," the Japanese electronics giant said. It's the smallest drone that can carry a Sony Alpha camera, Sony added.

Sony didn't disclose pricing or availability information, though it said it's establishing a new professional photography and video production business unit this spring. For now, it's looking for feedback from photo and video professionals.

In a promotional video, Sony showed off the Airpeak capturing aerial footage of Sony's Vision-S electric car

The move comes as the top drone maker, China-based DJI, faces new trade restrictions with the United States. That's opened a door for drone rivals like Skydio, too.

Drones are popular for industries including real estate, entertainment, agriculture and industrial inspections. Video and photo uses are relatively fleeting, but the technology holds the promise of greater change through package delivery and perhaps even passenger carriers like the Cadillac-branded aircraft General Motors showed off at CES.

Regulatory restrictions governing drone use are gradually loosening.

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