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Sony A7R is first full frame compact lens-swapping snapper

The new Sony A7R -- or α7R, as Sony styles it -- is the first full-frame lens-swapping mirrorless compact camera.

Interchangeable-lens compact cameras just got serious. The Sony A7R -- or α7R, as Sony has it -- is the first full-frame mirrorless snapper.

The A7R's 36.4-megapixel full-frame 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor is complemented by a range of six full-frame lenses, compatible with Sony's E-mount lens format.

Inside, a new Bionz X processor triples the speed of previous cameras, while Sony claims the autofocus is a third faster than conventional contrast-detection autofocus.

The dust and moisture-resistant magnesium alloy body boasts front and back dials, a control wheel and exposure compensation dial, with an OLED viewfinder or tilting 3-inch screen for composing shots.

The A7R shoots 1,920x1,080 Full HD video. The camera has HDMI output for watching the rushes on a monitor or TV, with a built-in stereo mic and sound level controls to monitor the audio.

Oh, and it has NFC and Wi-Fi too, to talk to Sony Xperia phones, and other Android smart phones and tablets. A Smart Remote Control apps lets you take snaps with your phone, perfect for group shots or the world's most detailed selfie.

You can order the A7R from Sony today, and it hits shops in mid to late November.

Are you impressed with this lightweight, full-frame snapper? What's the best compact lens-swapping system? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.