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Solutions for small spaces

Fagor America's compact cooking design centers combine appliances and storage in a single unit.

We've talked before about compact kitchens on wheels and on legs. Now let's take a look at two Design Centers from Fagor America that look good enough to complement a high-end kitchen.

In just 50 inches of space, the CX-5 Cooking Design Center resolves all your cooking and basic storage needs--and it looks good doing it, Made of high-end stainless steel, the unit keeps you organized by providing a cooktop in the same space as the pots and pans you'll use with it, so you won't need to run around the kitchen or squeeze into inconvenient spaces.

The CX-5 packs a surprising amount of storage and a gas or radiant cooktop into a mere 50 inches. Fagor America

You can integrate Fagor's 27-inch radiant cooktop or the 28-inch gas cooktop. (The unit also integrates with other brands, but be sure to measure carefully.)

The unit's large drawers provide innovative storage solutions for pots, pans, lids, utensils, and other kitchen items.

The slim dishwasher column provides enough storage for all the dishes you just washed. Fagor America

Want easy cleanup after you cook your meal? Install the four-module CX-1 Dishwasher Design Center. This unit's ergonomic design places the dishwasher 18 inches above the floor--which means no more bending to load and unload dishes. In fact, dishes can go directly from the dishwasher to the tableware, flatware, and cookware drawers that are integrated into the unit.

Thoughtful touches--like the way the top drawer of the column opens upward for easy access to contents--make this a piece that will feel at home in any kitchen.