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Socialmatic camera for Instagram fans runs Android

While it's rare for concept devices to leave the drawing board, the Socialmatic camera looks like it will turn into reality.

Back in May 2012, the Socialmatic camera "started like a joke", and was based around the idea of a camera that could capture Instagram-like prints, while being able to socially share and print them from the unit itself.

(Credit: ADR Studio)

ADR Studio is a design business that has previously created clever concept-like devices such as iPhone mock-ups.

The reception to the Socialmatic camera, however, was something else entirely. Antonio De Rosa, the designer of Socialmatic and owner of ADR Studio, has managed to find a private investor to fund the development of a prototype.

Global Mobile Network will build the working model, and use its manufacturing base in Shenzen, China, to bring the finished device to market in mid-2013.

Two models of the Socialmatic camera. (Credit: ADR Studio)

Speaking with Wired, De Rosa said that the Socialmatic will be based on Android, and hopes to be able to use the same Zink technology that runs in several Polaroid print-and-share cameras.

The first model will be the catchily-named SM01PR, which will come in four versions: 16 or 32GB storage, with either Wi-Fi only, or Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. All models will have a 4.3-inch touchscreen, as well as two lenses — one for the main photographic capture, and the other for 3D, webcam or QR code applications. GPS and Bluetooth will also be available, as well as SD card storage.

What does remain to be seen is exactly how the camera will be applying filters to its images. Instagram (and its parent company Facebook) is in no way associated with the Socialmatic, so it's highly unlikely that the same filters or even filter names will be used without some sort of licensing agreement.

Pre-orders for the Socialmatic are not currently being accepted, but keep an eye on the ADR Studio page for updates. De Rosa expects the camera to sell for US$350-$450 when it launches next year.