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Snowmageddon ruins Christmas deliveries from online stores

In the worst December in 30 years, the recent snowfall threatens to delay deliveries and ruin Christmas for online shoppers.

No longer is the Grinch the biggest threat to your Christmas cheer. The epic snowfall is delaying deliveries past their Christmas deadline, in what meteorologists are calling the worst December in 30 years.

The icy weather means nearly all online retailers are reporting miserable delays on orders. Amazon has stated outright that it can no longer guarantee delivery on new orders and that any order placed on 18 December or after is likely to miss the Christmas deadline.

Dixons and Currys have reported similarly sad delays, saying any order after 19 December cannot be guaranteed to make it in time for Christmas. Play.com says deliveries are taking "1-2 days longer than usual", which seems optimistic, but it cannot guarantee orders received after 15 December will arrive by the 25th for customers in Scotland and the North East of England.

Deliveries that have already been dispatched are also suffering. Royal Mail is reporting a sizeable backlog of undelivered parcels, despite taking on an extra 3,000 staff on top of its usual 20,000 and running 14,000 extra deliveries over the weekend. Amazon has recommended customers contact the relevant courier service to get a firm date on when to expect their deliveries.

One light at the end of the tunnel is most high-street stores are still open. Certain online click and collect services, such as Currys and Dixons, are also still running for those brave enough to traverse the ice rink that is the high street. Check out our roundup of games console deals available to buy online and pick up -- perfect last-minute gifts for a jolly Christmas morn.

Could the number one sound of Christmas 2010 be the collective choir of of 1,000,000 tantruming children asking where's their present? Is there anything sadder than a gift that arrives on 29 December? Tell us your stories about snow-related Christmas disasters -- and possible solutions -- in the comments below.