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Smart cocktail shaker teaches you to mix the perfect drink

The B4RM4N is a smart cocktail shaker and app combo that incorporates sensors so that you mix a perfect cocktail, every time.

Magnified Self

Do your martinis turn into martinopes and your gin fizzes into gin fizzers? You might need a little help in the bar department -- and the B4RM4N, as annoying as its name is to type, might just be the gadget to do it.

The system actually consists of two elements: an app that contains recipes and acts as a display to give you instructions; and the cocktail shaker itself, which is where the genius comes in. It's fitted not just with an LED array to look pretty, but sensors to help you make the cocktails: a weight sensor to let you know when to stop pouring (or adding ice), and an accelerometer to guide you through the shaking process.

"Thanks to its sensors and its app, B4RM4N does almost all the work for you. It walks you through every step so you can easily prepare delicious drinks with your friends and family," its creators, Raphael Terrier and Charlotte Saunier-Terrier, wrote on Kickstarter, where they are seeking funds for the B4RM4N project. "The hardest part is choosing which fancy cocktail you would like to make from the long list of recipes!"

The shaker is compatible with both iOS and Android, and recipes include ingredient settings for up to three drinks at a time. And, as well as the connected app, the LEDs and sound alerts will let you know when to move onto the next step; you can even stir and muddle directly in the shaker.

It also includes a creation mode so you can take your inner mixologist for a spin; and the whole thing is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which can be charged via USB (hopefully with a waterproofed port).

You can reserve a B4RM4N shaker as a reward on the Kickstarter page for an early bird pledge of $99 (regular pricing $149), where you can also see a video of the shaker working in action.