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Smart cabinets eliminate need for hardware

AnvilMotion's line of intelligent cabinets use sensor technology to trigger motion

I have a roommate that has a habit of leaving the cabinet doors open. As small of an issue as this is, it leads to visual inconsistency, opens the potential for pests in the food, and provides a tempting hiding place for the house cats. AnvilMotion has offered an elegant and cutting-edge solution in their new intelligent kitchens, using combined sensor technology and modern mechanical design to take the guesswork out of opening and shutting your kitchen cabinetry.

If you've ever seen Batman, then the frame-in-frame concept that makes opening the cabinets possible is reminiscent of the automated outer casing of the Batmobile. The doors are activated via motion sensor technology or a control touch screen that sits on the countertop. You can open one at a time or open them all in a cascade of servo-driven dark wood.

The AnvilMotion Web site lets you build your kitchen from scratch, choosing the surface and drawer types and treatments, lighting, sensors, wall treatments, and automated cabinet-locking systems, among several other design characteristics. It also features a gallery of pictures and a video that shows you how the system works.